999 Gold – A love So Pure

999 Gold - A love So Pure

Jewellery trends may come and go, but our obsession with Gold clearly doesn’t. In many cultures, gold jewellery still ranks highly as one of the most coveted wedding, birthday, or coming-of-age-gifts for women of all ages. But how much do we know about the quality or purity of the gold that we own, or are we planning to own? What do we look out for when searching for a good piece of gold jewellery that is likely to last across generations?

The K Factor

Karats, which is represented by the letter ‘K’ often stamped onto a piece of gold, is a measurement of gold content in piece of gold jewellery. They range from 10 to 24, and the higher the number, the more gold there is compared to other alloy metals.

In other words, 24K gold or 999 pure gold, as it is often termed, is the purest gold money can buy. However, gold that is blended with other alloys are made to be much stronger, as gold is a relatively soft metal. So, while 24K gold isn’t the preferred choice for everyday jewellery like wedding rings, it is however, a good choice for those looking for an investment piece.

The Colour of 24K Gold

The purest gold is also the most natural and brilliant, and always brings out a woman’s beauty and radiance in the most complementary way. In fact, the yellow tones of 999 pure gold complement olive and darker skin tones, which makes the gold pop and shine even more.

Despite the diverse palette choices of gold today, 24K gold remains a classic choice because it goes with almost every outfit in the wardrobe.

Not quite your style? Change it

A well-designed piece of 24K gold jewellery is the perfect combination of investment and adornment. Therefore, it was common for women in earlier generations to receive their first set of gold jewellery on their wedding day. In fact, these sets of jewellery often become the family heirloom, and are eventually passed down the generations.

More often than not, we end up with pieces of gold jewellery that are either too loud or ornate, or just doesn’t quite go with our modern outfits. Instead of keeping them at the bottom of your drawer, you can always repurpose your gold jewellery into something current. With a little effort, an intricate pendant that came from your grandmother’s jewellery box and is now in your hands can easily be melted down and re-designed into something you can wear daily.

From left to right: 999 Pure gold Necklace Fr $1,063 – 999 Pure Gold Earrings Fr $170 – 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Fr $435 – 999 Pure Gold Ring fr $247

Timeless, exquisite designs that last

Whether you are looking to by your next gold investment, or repurposing a gift that doesn’t quite suit your style, here are some classic designs to get you inspired.

Minimalist Gold Bangle Sets

A barely-there look that’s beautifully understated and classy. Simple and timeless, you can wear it on its own, or stack them up in different colours of gold for a fun, casual look.
From left to right: 999 Pure Gold Bangle Fr $1,048 – 999 Pure Gold Bangle Fr $2,908

Layered Necklaces

Why wear one when you can have two? Layering is a simple yet effective way to wear more gold and still keep the subtlety in your style. Add a pendant to jazz up the look.
From left to right: Layer Necklace Gold Fr $858 – Layer Necklace White Gold F $868

Dangling Earrings

Whether they’re tiny and dainty or long and chunky, women ove the swing and shine of baubles on their ears. the finer the gold, more refined the look.
From left to right: SeoulStyle Diamond Earrings in Rose Gold Fr $378 – SeoulStyle Diamond earrings in Rose Gold Fr $438 – Nephrite Earring fr $265

Personalised Pendants

Here’s a way to own who you are in style. Carrie Bradshaw popularised it in the hit show ‘Sex and the City’, and the world hasn’t looked back since.

Stacking Rings

If you have one gold ring that screams too loud on its own, you can pare down the look by combining rings of different colour, thickness and style.
From left to right: SeoulStyle Diamond Ring in Rose Gold Fr $658 – SeoulStyle Diamond Ring in Rose Gold Fr $428 – 999 Pure Gold Ring Fr $272

Can’t decide on your next gold accessory? Take a look at Citigems’ selection of stunning 999 Pure Gold Jewellery.

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