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Connected With Maxi-Cash App

Connected With Maxi-Cash App

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Pawnbroking FAQs

Loan Period

The minimum loan period is 1 month and maximum is 6 months. Customers can renew the loan or redeem the pledged item(s) anytime within the 6 months redemption period by paying the required interest amount. Pledge can be redeemed at any time (minimum) during the redemption period. The redemption period is 6 months (maximum) or any longer period that the parties may agree in the loan agreement or in a subsequent agreement (renewal of loan).

Maximum Interest Rate Chargeable

Pawnbrokers like Maxi-Cash are allowed to charge an interest rate of 1.5% per month or part thereof on the principal loan amount. Additional monthly interest will be imposed if the period for redemption has lapsed. The maximum annual percentage interest rate is 18%. We shall not take any profit on a loan for more than 2 months after the expiry of redemption period.

An example of loan repayment:

  • Loan amount: SGD $10,000
  • Pawn duration: 6 months
  • Total interest: SGD $900
  • Total repayment: SGD $10,900

Fees Chargeable

With reference to the Singapore Pawnbrokers Act (link), Maxi-Cash is allowed to charge the following fees:

1. A $2 fee for issuing a pawn ticket. There will be no fee incurred if the pawn ticket is issued due to the following changes:

  • Pawner’s address, telephone number, or email address
  • The name or address of the pawnbroker’s business
  • Correcting any error in particulars on a pawn ticket

2. A $10 fee for the following application:

  • Application by a person claiming to be entitled to redeem a pledge but not having a pawn ticket
  • Application by a person claiming to be the rightful owner of goods wrongfully pawned

Note: processing fee is a mandatory fee charged directly by the third-party payment gateway service provider.