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Solitaire Pendants

Buy Solitaire Diamond Pendants Online

Welcome to the world of solitaire pendants at Maxi-Cash, where elegance meets simplicity in each design. These pendants, characterised by a single, captivating diamond, offer a timeless appeal that transcends trends. They are not just accessories; they’re a statement of classic beauty.

The Allure of the Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire pendants are more than just jewellery; they are a symbol of versatility and elegance. Each pendant, with its singular lab-grown diamond, is a perfect fit for any occasion, seamlessly transitioning from daywear to evening elegance. They hold a special place as gifts, often given as tokens of love or as markers of significant life milestones. Chosen either for oneself or for a loved one, a solitaire pendant is a meaningful symbol of deep emotional connections and personal stories.

Choosing Your Solitaire

When selecting the perfect lab-grown diamond for your solitaire pendant necklace, it’s essential to consider the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat weight. These criteria guide you in choosing a stunning diamond that resonates with your style. Popular cuts include the classic round, known for its maximum brilliance, and the elegant emerald, renowned for its clean lines and sophisticated allure. Each has distinct characteristics that enhance the diamond’s natural beauty, making your solitaire pendant uniquely captivating.

Solitaire Pendant Settings

Exploring the variety of settings for your solitaire pendant is key to finding the perfect piece. The prong setting, a timeless classic, allows maximum light exposure to enhance the diamond’s sparkle, ideal for those who prefer traditional elegance. The bezel setting offers a sleek, modern look, encasing the diamond securely, perfect for an active lifestyle. The halo setting encircles the solitaire with smaller diamonds for added glamour, amplifying its brilliance. Each setting brings its unique aesthetic, allowing you to choose one that complements the diamond’s beauty and aligns with your individual preferences and daily life.

Choose Maxi-Cash for Solitaire Pendants

Opting for Maxi-Cash when selecting your solitaire pendant means placing your trust in a team renowned for their expertise in fine jewellery. Our professionals, with their in-depth gemological knowledge, meticulously inspect every diamond, ensuring that each meets our stringent standards of quality and craftsmanship. This rigorous process guarantees that every solitaire pendant we offer is aesthetically pleasing and a testament to superior quality, providing you with confidence in your choice and investment in lasting luxury.
Certification and Authenticity

Every solitaire pendant purchased from Maxi-Cash is accompanied by a detailed tax invoice, which serves as your assurance of the pendant’s authenticity. Although traditional certificates of authenticity are not provided, this documentation solidifies the legitimacy of your exquisite diamond jewellery purchase. Our unwavering dedication to quality ensures that each piece reflects genuine luxury, offering you a stunning accessory and a symbol of our commitment to ethical and sustainable jewellery practices.

Participate in a lucky draw

Entries to the Dazzling Draw is only for valid transactions made from 12 April to 16 May. Every $600 spent (storewide including preloved gold, preloved gem set jewellery and LuxeSTYLE branded collections) will be entitled to one lucky draw chance, there is no limit to the number of chances.

Winners will be selected at random and notified via phone and results will be published on Maxi-Cash official Facebook Page on 31 May.


  • 1st Prize: 1.01ct True Carat Ring worth $8,248
  • 2nd Prize: 0.75ct True Carat Pendant worth $3,868
  • 3rd to 10th Prizes: 999 Pure Gold Petite Heart (1g) worth $148 each

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