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Gold Jewellery

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Gold Jewellery

The Allure of Gold Jewellery

Since ancient times, gold jewellery has been a symbol of opulence and elegance. Its eternal sheen and historical significance mark it as a testament to beauty and wealth that transcends time. In the cosmopolitan heart of Singapore, where traditions intermingle with modernity, the allure of buying gold continues unabated. For residents and visitors alike, Singapore becomes not just a city of towering skylines and cultural tapestries but also a destination to procure exquisite gold pieces.

Choosing Gold Purity

Gold’s allure lies not just in its shimmer but in its purity, often denoted in karats. While the purest form of gold is 24K or 999 gold, its softness and malleability make it less suitable for everyday wear. It is therefore often purchased in the form of gold bars and coins. 

To make the jewellery more sturdy, jewellers mix gold with other metals to enhance its durability, resulting in varying karat options. The commonly used 14K gold strikes a balance between gold content and strength, making it durable and affordable. On the other hand, 18K gold, richer in its hue, has a higher gold content, offering that splendid golden sheen. There’s also 916 gold, representing 91.6% purity, a preferred standard in many Asian countries. It is also referred to as 22K gold. 

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect piece, consider the relationship between gold’s purity and its malleability or durability, ensuring you select jewellery that aligns with your aesthetic and practical preferences.

Other Types of Gold

While the traditional golden hue remains timeless, gold’s other avatars, like white gold and rose gold, have risen in popularity. White gold, an alloy of gold and metals like palladium, offers a silver-hued elegance, making it a contemporary favourite. On the other hand, rose gold, with its infusion of copper, radiates a warm, pinkish glow. Both these variants present distinctive characteristics and qualities, giving jewellery enthusiasts more choices to match their personal style.

Choosing Gold Jewellery

From the delicate intricacy of box chains to the sparkling allure of diamond-studded earrings, there’s a piece of gold jewellery for every occasion and preference at our online shop. Our 18K rose gold pieces embody feminine elegance, while our combination of 14K and 18K gold with shimmering diamonds promises unmatched brilliance. 

Express your faith with the classic cross pendants of our gold necklaces, crafted to perfection in both 18K rose and white gold. At Maxi-Cash, every religious symbol is designed with utmost respect, reflecting our commitment to exemplary craftsmanship.

Buy Gold Jewellery At Maxi-Cash

Choose Maxi-Cash for your gold jewellery needs and rest assured of its authenticity. Every piece is meticulously tested for quality and stands as a testament to its genuineness and value. Browse jewellery and prices on our gold shop online and enjoy delivery to your preferred residential address in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Jewellery

What are the available payment options for buying gold jewellery?

Maxi-Cash caters to a diverse clientele and therefore offers multiple payment options when shopping online. Buyers can make transactions with all major credit and debit cards. Alternatively, our innovative MaxiPAY eWallet provides a secure and efficient method, ensuring a hassle-free gold jewellery shopping experience.

How long does it take for my gold jewellery order to be delivered?

After making a purchase via our online shop, expect a delivery window of 3 to 5 working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. Maxi-Cash offers free local delivery for all gold jewellery, but please note that certain restricted areas in Singapore are excluded. An email notification will be sent upon shipment. Our trusted courier partner will also provide you with a tracking number, so you can check in on the status of your delivery.

Can I return or exchange the gold jewellery?

Yes, Maxi-Cash accommodates exchanges for online purchases of gold jewellery within 7 days of receiving your order, but only for items at NETT price. Reach out to us at or through the form on our “Contact Us” page, quoting your order number. You may exchange your gold jewellery for items such as timepieces, bags and other gold jewellery of equal or lesser value; for pricier items, a top-up is necessary. To qualify for an exchange:

  • Ensure the item remains unaltered and unused.
  • Retain all original tags and packaging.
  • Present the original invoice.

Failure to meet these conditions gives Maxi-Cash the discretion to decline the exchange.

Alternatively, you are free to sell your gold jewellery back to us. We’re also the first pawnbroker in Singapore offering instant cash via PayNow; you can have peace of mind knowing you will have immediate access to funds in times of need.

Are the gold jewellery prices fixed?

Gold prices in Singapore are influenced by global market dynamics. Consequently, while Maxi-Cash always aims to provide competitive rates, the prices of our gold jewellery might experience periodic adjustments. We advise customers to stay updated by checking our website or contacting our outlets.

What if the gold jewellery item I receive is damaged or defective?

We take immense pride in our quality control. However, if you happen to receive a damaged or defective gold jewellery piece, please reach out to us at within 24 hours of receiving your items. Maxi-Cash is committed to addressing any concerns and ensuring you have a piece that you truly cherish.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the gold jewellery products?

In terms of warranty of our gold jewellery products, we offer an exchange option within 7 days of tax invoice date, provided items are at NETT price. This exchange can encompass items like timepieces, bags, and other jewellery of similar or lesser value. If your gold jewellery appears damaged or defective upon arrival, we urge you to contact us within 24 hours at While we are confident in our quality, our primary concern is ensuring you receive a piece that aligns with our high standards and your satisfaction.

Does Maxi Cash provide certificates of authenticity?

Trust is the foundation of every Maxi-Cash transaction. To bolster this, every gold jewellery purchase is accompanied by a tax invoice, ensuring all transactions with us are documented and retrievable when necessary.

Participate in a lucky draw


Entries to the Dazzling Draw is only for valid transactions made from 12 April to 16 May. Every $600 spent (storewide including preloved gold, preloved gem set jewellery and LuxeSTYLE branded collections) will be entitled to one lucky draw chance, there is no limit to the number of chances.

Winners will be selected at random and notified via phone and results will be published on Maxi-Cash official Facebook Page on 31 May.


  • 1st Prize: 1.01ct True Carat Ring worth $8,248
  • 2nd Prize: 0.75ct True Carat Pendant worth $3,868
  • 3rd to 10th Prizes: 999 Pure Gold Petite Heart (1g) worth $148 each