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Buy Gold Bangles in Singapore

The Eternal Allure of Gold Bangles in Singapore

Gold bangles in Singapore, as in many Asian countries, are not just adornments but are deeply embedded in tradition, representing a rite of passage or a milestone achieved. For example, they are often gifted to newborns, worn by brides on their wedding day, and exchanged during significant cultural festivals. Gold bangles are often also passed down through generations, turning them from mere jewellery into treasured family heirlooms. 

Beyond their beauty, gold bangles and other jewellery are viewed as a tangible form of investment in Singapore and beyond. The gold market is generally stable, and in times of economic uncertainty, this precious metal often retains or even appreciates in value. Buying gold bangles and other jewellery offers both aesthetic appeal and functional value.

An Exquisite Array of Craftsmanship

Gold bangles, with their shimmering allure, are timeless fashion statements in Singapore and beyond. Each curve, etching, and embellishment of a gold bangle reflects a painstaking dedication to craftsmanship, echoing a legacy that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Whether sleek and modern or intricately carved with traditional designs, they can complement a vast array of outfits and occasions. Their ability to blend with both traditional and contemporary attire makes them a staple in many Singaporeans’ wardrobes.

Every gold bangle we showcase at Maxi-Cash is a testament to high-quality materials and masterful artistry. From the elegantly understated piece to the lavishly detailed jewellery, there is a design for every discerning eye in Singapore.

Choosing the Perfect Gold Bangle

Effortlessly choose a gold bangle that not only fits perfectly but also complements your personal style with these steps below.

1. Measure your wrist size: Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Note down the measurement where the tape meets the 0. For a comfortable fit, add 1/4″ to 1/2″ to your wrist measurement. For a snug fit, don’t add any margin, and for a more relaxed fit, add 3/4″ to 1”. Refer to our size guide to double check your measurements.

2. Decide the gold purity: Gold’s purity is usually measured in karats (K), which can significantly impact a bangle’s appearance and durability. Generally, gold bangles with lower karats such as 9K, 10K, 12K, and 14K are more affordable than their 18K, 22K, and 24K counterparts. 

This is because lower karat gold bangles comprise a high mixture of other metals like copper or silver. However, the addition of other metals makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for everyday wear. The higher the gold purity, the richer and more vibrant the yellow tone becomes as well. 

3. Choose designs that complement your style: If you’re a fan of timeless designs, traditional gold bangles might be more suitable. Meanwhile, sleek, modern designs may appeal to those who lean towards contemporary fashion. Also consider the level of detailing you prefer. While some gold bangles are minimally designed, others boast intricate carvings and embedded gemstones.

Lastly, a gold bangle suited for daily wear in Singapore might differ from one you’d choose for a special occasion. Day-to-day gold bangles tend to be simpler, while celebratory ones might be more elaborate.

Discover Your Signature Gold Bangle at Maxi-Cash in Singapore

At Maxi-Cash, finding a legitimate gold bangle that you want is easy. We stand as an epitome of authenticity and trust in the realm of jewellery. Each bangle, resplendent in its beauty, undergoes meticulous quality checks, bearing genuine hallmarks that vouch for its authenticity and unparalleled value.

Our diverse gold bangle collection in Singapore also caters to every style preference, from the minimalist to the maximalist. We also offer other types of gold jewellery in 916 gold and 999 gold, such as gold pendantsgold earrings, and gold necklaces to add a finishing touch to your outfit.

Gold Bangle FAQs

What are the available payment options for purchasing gold bangles?

We offer a plethora of payment options for your gold bangles at Maxi-Cash. You can opt for in-person cash, credit/debit card payments at our shops in Singapore or iPayment via our seamless MaxiPAY.

How long does it take for my gold bangle order to be delivered?

Generally, deliveries within Singapore will reach you within three to five business days.

Can I return or exchange the gold bangles?

Our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority. Exchanges are available within seven days from the tax invoice date. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate returns at Maxi-Cash.

What if the gold bangle I receive is damaged or defective?

If there are any issues with your gold bangle bought at our shops in Singapore, kindly notify us within 24 hours of receipt at

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the gold bangles?

While our gold bangles in Singapore do not come with warranties, any manufacturing flaws can be reported to us within 24 hours.

Does Maxi Cash provide certificates of authenticity?

We do not provide a certificate of authenticity. However, a tax invoice will be issued and buyers are welcome to get the gold authenticated at any Maxi-Cash outlets, showcasing our dedication to uncompromised quality.

Participate in a lucky draw

Entries to the Dazzling Draw is only for valid transactions made from 12 April to 16 May. Every $600 spent (storewide including preloved gold, preloved gem set jewellery and LuxeSTYLE branded collections) will be entitled to one lucky draw chance, there is no limit to the number of chances.

Winners will be selected at random and notified via phone and results will be published on Maxi-Cash official Facebook Page on 31 May.


  • 1st Prize: 1.01ct True Carat Ring worth $8,248
  • 2nd Prize: 0.75ct True Carat Pendant worth $3,868
  • 3rd to 10th Prizes: 999 Pure Gold Petite Heart (1g) worth $148 each