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Buy Gold Bracelets in Singapore

The Enchanting Allure of Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets possess a unique charm, having evolved as emblematic pieces across countless cultures and time periods. Their perpetual allure symbolises status and opulence, rendering them quintessential in curating an upscale look. Whether dressing down for a casual outing or putting together formal attire for a special occasion, a gold bracelet can provide the perfect finishing touch.

As a leading retailer of gold jewellery in Singapore, Maxi-Cash takes immense pride in showcasing exquisite gold bracelet collections to our clients and customers. Each gold bracelet in our extensive collection exemplifies a fusion of intricate craftsmanship and timeless charm, and reflects our commitment to bringing you the highest quality jewellery pieces possible.

A Diverse Assortment of Gold Bracelet Designs

From the resplendent simplicity of minimalist solid gold bracelets to the detailed artistry of chain bracelets, our assortment ensures a bracelet for every wrist and occasion. The designs in our collection incorporate various clasps and lengths, catering to a spectrum of preferences while ensuring a snug fit for fuss-free everyday wear. 

Beyond mere aesthetics, Maxi-Cash’s dedication to precision and premium materials ensures each bracelet is up to an exacting standard before it makes its way into your hands. Our attention to detail and commitment to authenticity solidify our standing as a premier destination for gold bracelet selections in Singapore, along with other jewellery options such as gold bangles and gold necklaces.

Choosing the Perfect Gold Bracelet

The beauty of a gold bracelet is accentuated when it seamlessly aligns with one’s style and provides unerring comfort as a gentle weight on your wrist. 

Consider the event when selecting your gold bracelet; opt for subtle and simple designs for everyday wear, and statement pieces for grand occasions. Gold bracelets can also be stacked with other bracelets and bangles for a one-of-a-kind arrangement, or paired with complementary gold earrings and gold pendants to create a unified aesthetic.

This versatility of gold bracelets enables them to seamlessly elevate both casual wear and sophisticated ensembles, allowing you to express your creative side in a myriad of possibilities.

Considering Gold Purity for Gold Bracelets

Gold purity, denoted by karats, influences both the bracelet’s appearance and durability. 

24K gold (also known as 999 gold) is 100% pure gold, and as such can be more malleable or fragile and thus unsuitable for everyday use. In contrast, 18K gold comprises 75% gold and 25% other metals – making it more durable and suitable for everyday wear. 22K gold (also known as 916 gold) is another popular option for gold and jewellery purists in Singapore with 91.6% gold content. This makes it stronger than 999 gold while still striking a fine balance between allure and resilience. 

A higher caratage (i.e. the more gold it has in proportion to other metals) also gives jewellery with a stronger yellow gold colour, with variations like white or rose gold typically having smaller caratage. For example, 18K gold radiates a deeper golden hue, while 14K gold has a more balanced sheen for a subtler statement.

Discover Gold Bracelets at Affordable Prices at Maxi-Cash

At Maxi-Cash, purchasing a gold bracelet is more than a transaction; it’s an experience rooted in trust. As a leading pawnbroker and retailer of branded jewellery and merchandise in Singapore, we understand the importance of legitimacy and security when seeking out new additions to your personal collection. As such, we perform stringent internal quality checks to ensure any jewellery in our collection is fully genuine before it lands on our shelves. Our unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality, verification, and transparency allow you to shop for gold jewellery and other precious items worry-free, for a seamless shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Bracelets

What are the available payment options for purchasing gold bracelets?

We accept various payment options for our gold bracelets including cash and major debit and credit cards. You can also use our MaxiPAY personal e-wallet service for a convenient and secure online shopping experience.

How long does it take for my gold bracelet order to be delivered?

For your treasured gold bracelet purchase, expect a standard courier delivery time of three to five business days within Singapore. A notification email will be automatically sent to you once your order has been shipped.

Can I return or exchange the gold bracelets?

Your satisfaction is central to Maxi-Cash. We accommodate exchanges within a seven-day window from the invoice issue date; however, kindly note that refunds for gold bracelet purchases are not accommodated.

What if the gold bracelets I receive are damaged or defective?

We’re committed to ensuring you receive only the best when you purchase an item from Maxi-Cash. Should there be any discrepancies or damages with your gold bracelet, immediately contact our support team within 24 hours lof receipt for prompt resolution.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the gold bracelets?

While traditional warranties might not be in place, Maxi-Cash’s faith in our gold bracelet quality remains unshaken. Any manufacturing defects identified should be highlighted within 24 hours of receipt. To put our buyers’ minds at ease, all purchases from Maxi-Cash are also insured whilst in transit from our facilities to your shipping address in Singapore.

Does Maxi Cash provide certificates of authenticity for gold bracelets?

No, we do not provide certificates of authenticity for gold bracelets. Each gold bracelet purchased from Maxi-Cash comes with a tax invoice, and buyers are welcome to get the gold authenticated at any Maxi-Cash outlet near you.

Participate in a lucky draw

Entries to the Dazzling Draw is only for valid transactions made from 12 April to 16 May. Every $600 spent (storewide including preloved gold, preloved gem set jewellery and LuxeSTYLE branded collections) will be entitled to one lucky draw chance, there is no limit to the number of chances.

Winners will be selected at random and notified via phone and results will be published on Maxi-Cash official Facebook Page on 31 May.


  • 1st Prize: 1.01ct True Carat Ring worth $8,248
  • 2nd Prize: 0.75ct True Carat Pendant worth $3,868
  • 3rd to 10th Prizes: 999 Pure Gold Petite Heart (1g) worth $148 each