Which Jewellery Suits You Best According To What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are

Which Jewellery Suits You Best According To What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are

The first month of 2020 is finally over and in February, it’s time to countdown to the most romantic occasion ever – Valentine’s Day!It’s the perfect day for couples to spend the time doing things they enjoy together but before that, gifting your loved one a present on Valentine’s Day is also one of the must-dos. So, we have curated a list of jewellery that will suit you ladies best, according to what kind of girlfriend you are. Make sure you let your boyfriend read this to hint him!

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No matter how long you have been together with your boyfriend, you still like doing romantic things
such as planning surprise events, going for candlelight dinners and celebrating every anniversary.

For the always romantic girlfriend, this
Rose Gold Duo-Hearts SeoulStyle Necklace ($358) will suit you best as it shows how much you treasure the relationship in your life.

Plus, the two intertwining hearts symbolize the strong and unbreakable bond between you and your boyfriend!

What’s versatile about this necklace is that it can be transformed into a butterfly whenever you feel like changing things up. Two designs in one necklace, worth it, isn’t it?

The 916 Gold Heart Earrings ($768) are also perfect for expressing the everlasting love you have with your loved one!

The sweet heart-shaped design that dangles with every step you take will surely wow everyone.

You often put your boyfriend’s needs and well-being above your own and sometimes, you nag at him but that’s because you truly care. You are a mature individual and your boyfriend appreciates the tender loving care you shower him with.

For the caring girlfriend, this SeoulStyle Pearl Necklace ($478) with a constellation of diamonds is sure to put a smile on your face with its asymmetrical design in modern rose gold. This Korean inspired bling will surely turn heads!

By the way, pearls are no longer just for old people! They also symbolise the strengthening and nurturing of pure love between loved ones. This fashionable piece will add an elegant touch to your everyday outfits.

The Rose Gold Starlite Necklace ($308) has a design with two circles joined together to form an infinity symbol. The interconnecting circles encompass the idea of eternal connection between you and your loved one. This necklace will add a dash of sophistication on any lady who dons it.
Your boyfriend should know your personality by now – you put on a tough exterior but actually cares a lot deep down! You may not like showing it, but your actions say otherwise and that’s actually really endearing.

There’s no better way to unlock and melt your heart than this
916 Gold Heart Necklace ($376) with a heart-shaped centrepiece that dangles down like a key.

Let this pretty accessory serve as a reminder that your distant exterior doesn’t mean you care any lesser!

This Rose Gold SeoulStyle Heartbeat Necklace ($298) incorporates the waves of your beating heart cleverly which perfectly encapsulates the fact that you secretly care, and your heart only beats for that special someone.

Anything goes for you as you are very tolerant and laid back. You probably have a relationship with your boyfriend where you treat each other like best friends too.

Jewellery that looks elegant but isn’t overwhelmingly loud suits your easygoing personality best. This SeoulStyle Diamond Bracelet ($338) with a dainty heart-shaped charm attached to it adds a subtle feminine touch, making it great for everyday wear.

What’s interesting is the movable diamond that outlines the heart, representing your fluid personality.

The Starlite Heart Pendant ($248) goes really well with the bracelet mentioned above and will amp up the elegant factor of any outfit you put on!

You have all the attributes that make you the ideal wife and share common values or beliefs with your boyfriend. Such girlfriends are a dime a dozen and hard to come by.

A wife material girlfriend will look best with this 916 Gold Charm ($179)! The heart-shaped design with a cupid’s arrow represents how in love someone is with you.

With gold appreciating in value over time, it just goes to show how appreciated and important you are.

This Rose Gold SeoulStyle Diamond Bracelet ($328) with a diamond-shaped charm symbolises how precious you are, just like diamonds that are rare. It also comes with a movable diamond that sparkles and sways as you move.

Do you agree with our jewellery pairings with the type of girlfriend you are? As Valentine’s Day
is coming up very soon, maybe it’s time you hint your boyfriend with this article!

You can find the featured jewellery in all Maxi-Cash stores.

This post is brought to you by Maxi-Cash.
Text and images by: GirlStyle SG

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Text and Images by:
GirlStyle SG

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